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All technologies herein described are not yet approved by regulatory agencies. The devices are investigational and not available for commercial sale, or use in humans.


Our mission is to improve patient outcomes through enhanced situational awareness. We are developing a new category of instruments that sense the biophysical profile of subject tissues. Our instruments inform providers with data that is not currently accessible, yet crucial in guiding patient-specific care.

OxyView® Technology

OxyView® is a breakthrough technology that enables quantitative, real-time imaging of tissue oxygen levels to enhance surgical vision, and medical management across multiple disease states

OxyView® CR


OxyView® CR provides a secondary imaging system aimed at improving the identification of polyps during screening colonoscopy

OxyView® TC


OxyView™ TC utilizes phosphorescent lifetime measurements aimed at generating a display of continuous, quantitative tissue oxygenation data from the interstitial fluid

OxyView® PVD


OxyView® PVD aims to empower the health care team to better diagnosis, treat, and manage peripheral vascular disease.

OxyView® SAVE


OxyView® SAVE aims to enable the surgeon to perform the procedure in a standardized manner while assessing the viability of the anastomosis at the staple line

The Team

Greg Fisher, Ph.D

Dr. Fischer is a co-founder of Surgisense. He graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with BSE degrees in both mechanical and electrical engineering. He completed his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University, where he also received an MSE in electrical engineering. Dr. Fischer has broad technical background in medical device design, biomedical instrumentation, and medical robotics, with over 16 years of experience in the medical device field.

Jason Zand, MD, MBA

Dr. Zand is the President, CEO, and a co-founder of Surgisense. He graduated from Duke University with a BSE in biomedical engineering and then earned graduate degrees in medicine, and business administration from Georgetown University. He has nineteen years of experience in the healthcare field; training in general surgery at both Johns Hopkins, and George Washington University; and serving as Principal Investigator to multiple NIH grants. Dr. Zand utilizes his background in business, medicine, and engineering to advance the development of the Company’s core technologies.

Danilo Chaves, MS,MFA

Danilo is an expert in both software engineering and interactive multimedia production with many years of experience in IT, medical device quality, and multimedia technology development. Prior research focused on perception, emotion, and consciousness of synesthetic individuals when experiencing synesthesia. Danilo further expanded on the new media and Augmented Reality paradigm using a multidisciplinary approach to enhance interventional therapies in children on the autistic spectrum. Danilo is a certified auditor in  ISO 13485 and ISO 14971 auditor.