Colorectal cancer afflicts 1.2 million people annually, the mainstay of treatment being surgical removal of the afflicted segment of bowel. After the surgical procedure the intestine fails to heal in as many as 14% of patients resulting in life threatening illness. 


Surgisense’s Stapled Anastomosis Viability Evaluation (SAVE) System strives to reduce the occurrence of this complication by providing a real-time actionable assessment of an intestinal tissue’s ability to heal; potentially reducing patient suffering, while saving up to $2 billion dollars annually in excess healthcare costs. 

OxyView® SAVE integrates into the surgical workflow by replacing the anvil of traditional staplers with a sensing anvil. OxyView® SAVE aims to enable the surgeon to perform the procedure in a standardized manner while assessing the viability of the anastomosis at the staple line using phosphorescent lifetime technology.


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All technologies herein described are not yet approved by regulatory agencies. The devices are investigational and not available for commercial sale, or use in humans.