Peripheral vascular disease (PVD) refers to a diverse set of pathologies with the same end effect: restricted blood flow to limbs, resulting in inadequate delivery of oxygen and nutrients to affected tissues, causing a spectrum of pain, non-healing wounds, tissue loss, and tissue death. Peripheral artery disease (PAD), and diabetic angiopathy (DA) are two common causes of PVD, together affecting approximately 8-12 million patients in the US each year.

PAD often goes undiagnosed, with patients presenting with PAD at an advanced symptomatic stage needing urgent intervention. DA often results in diabetic foot ulcers posing a significant patient morbidity, while being notoriously difficult to treat and adding a cost burden of $1.5 billion annually to the US health system. Existing technologies fall short and provide limited, qualitative information about the extent of disease, or quantitative measures at a single point resulting in sub-optimal care.  

OxyView® PVD is an investigational, wide-field imaging system using phosphorescent lifetime technology, to display comprehensive, and quantitative tissue oxygen maps of a diseased limb. 

OxyView® PVD aims to empower the health care team to better diagnosis, treat, and manage the peripheral vascular disease.


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